Finding the perfect stylish and comfortable sofa can be a nightmare as buying a new sofa is such a big investment so you want to ensure you make the right decision for your situation. To have the least stressful experience buying your sofa here are 8 key things to consider when buying your sofa.


The budget is the first thing which should be established when thinking of purchasing a new sofa as this sets the guidelines as to the quality of the sofa you can afford. How much you are willing to pay for a sofa is key as it is a large amount of money to part with so you want to ensure you buy the best quality sofa that you can afford.

Leather is the more expensive option although it will last a lot longer than the fabric alternatives; therefore the longevity of the sofa also needs to be considered.


Possibly the most important thing is to know the size of the sofa you want and can it fit in the room. You don’t want to fall in love with a sofa to later realise that it will not fit through the front door! To avoid this make sure you measure the space before you go into the store so have an idea of the size you are looking for.

The size of the sofa is hugely important as you want to ensure it fits your needs, if you have a large family then you are not just going to want a 2 seater sofa. Therefore think about how many people you will need to seat in the room on a regular basis.


There are numerous types of sofas to choose from and making the correct choice can be daunting! Sometimes in a smaller room it is better to have a sofa and 2 chairs rather than 2 sofas as the chairs can be placed around the room to create a greater space. A corner sofa is also a great option for a limited space as it can maximise the central space within the room allowing room for a coffee table.

You don’t want a sofa to overwhelm or be underwhelming within the room as it can completely ruin the feel. Choosing the correct arrangement of the types of sofas you want is important to creating the atmosphere you want. Corner sofas can also be used to separate a room, for example it can divide open plan spaces into different areas.


If the sofa is for a sitting room then it will be most likely used on a daily basis from watching movies, to having an afternoon nap. Whereas if it is placed in the kitchen then it is most likely only going to be used when guests are round for drinks or dinner. Once the function of the sofa has been defined then it will make it a lot easier to make the other aesthetic decisions.

If watching movies and relaxing is the main use of your sofa then a recliner chair or sofa could be for you. Recliner sofas and chairs are perfect for comfort and relaxation within the home.

Children are also a huge influence on the use of a sofa as if you have young children then a cream sofa wouldn’t be the most practical option. Therefore you will want to choose a sofa with a fabric that is easy to clean so either leather which can be wiped down or a sofa with fabric cushion covers that can easily be cleaned.


Once the type and size of sofa are established then the fun part starts when you can choose the colour of the sofa that you want. If you are redecorating then you will have a free choice and be able to buy the sofa to go with the colour scheme you are thinking of redecorating in, take in samples of the colours you are thinking of using to match against the fabrics to see what will fit best with the theme of the room.

Don’t be afraid of colour, the sofa can be a statement piece within the room therefore be open minded when looking at the different fabrics as the sofa could set the colour theme for the room.

If you are replacing an old sofa then you want to ensure that it will match with your existing colour scheme and furniture as a mismatched room can appear smaller and cluttered. It is important to choose colours which enhance the look and maximise the space within the room.


Sofas for everyday use need a durable fabric which is not going to look old and warn quickly. There are two options to consider when choosing the material of your sofa and that is leather or fabric each option has it pros and cons so you need to weigh up what is important to you.

Leather sofas are enormously popular because of there timeless quality. Although leather has previously been considered a luxury but there are now more affordable options available due to new techniques. One of the plus points of leather is that it’s robust and easy to maintain.

Fabric is a great option if you are after a greater variety of colour choices and if comfort and durably are important to you making it perfect for families. Although beware that patterned sofas can date quite quickly so make sure you choose something you will want in a few years time as well.


Having a fabulous looking sofa is important but it is ultimately down to comfort. The comfort of the sofa is determined by the filling of the cushions and the spring. The only way to see how comfortable a sofa can be is to test it out in the store, sit and lie down on the sofa to see if it fits your needs.

If you are looking for more support then a high back sofa with a foam filling are ideal. Whereas if you are after a softer look and feel then fibre filled cushions could be for you. Although the key thing when looking at the comfort of the sofa is to test it out in the store as everyone wants something different and different levels of support. So sit down and move around on the sofas in the store to ensure that it is actually suited to your needs.


When you buy a sofa you want to think about how you accessorise it to make it fit perfectly in the room. For example with a patterned sofa you will need to think carefully about what you piece with it, some simple plain cushions would be best to showcase the pattern. A solid coloured sofa in chocolate is a lot easier to accessorise and to place within the room as some bright cushions and throws can be changed to easily reinvent the room.

The shape of the sofa will also determine the accessories which complement it. Such as a corner sofa in a smaller room may then allow for other pieces such as a table or lamp to be placed in the room without it looking cluttered.

Following these 8 steps will help you to find the perfect sofa for you and your lifestyle.

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