Some things in life are more important than others. And after a hard week slogging it out in the office, isn't it great to get your family and friends round for a fantastic home made meal, some wine and big ol' gossip?

Apart from the food, obviously… There's one thing that should be thought out carefully before dining. That's having the right dining table of course. How are you going to fit your throngs of visitors around a measly little rickety thing?

With so many shapes and sizes to consider, use our tips to point you in the right direction, help you figure out where all those people are going to go, and what shape you should choose for your room.

Firstly, how many people are you inviting round?!

You want everybody to be comfortable with enough room to sit and eat comfortably, while still being able to wander around it. As a rule, the width should be at least 36 inches wide to allow ample space for place settings and food. Each person will need about two feet of space to be able to eat, allowing for elbows and side plates.

Measure your table-to-wall clearance too.

People have to be able to get up and sit down and reach over and throw their heads back in fits of laughter without knocking themselves out on the wall behind. Allow 42-48 inches for this. More for the more enthusiastic gigglers.

A great way to measure the size of your new dining table is to get hold of a couple of bed sheets and lay them on the floor where the table will go. Fold them in to the size of the table you have your eye on. You'll be able to visualise how much space it will take up and measure the clearance space around it.

A round table is great for a smaller space. 

Round tables fit nicely in to corners, and don't have pointy edges for toddlers to injure their heads on. You can also fit more people around a table with no corners.

Also consider a pedestal table. These provide an abundance of legroom with no pesky legs getting in the way.

In the same way a round table is good for a small room, a large rectangular table will look super-stylish in a long and narrow room. And a square table works great in a square room - with a square table, everybody is an equal distance apart and creates a lovely intimate dining experience. And we all love those.

Our selection of dining tables is second to none, and our in store specialists are on hand to help you decide what will suit your space perfectly.

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