Many people throughout their lives, either consciously or unconsciously, keep their bedroom decorated in a way that reveals their personality. Are you a clean, contemporary minimalist? Or perhaps the more ‘things’ you have then the more comfortable and ‘at home’ you feel?

Truth is, when it comes to decorating and furnishing your bedroom, there is no right or wrong answer, despite what some people may tell you. The mother-in-law can say what she likes about your design choices, your apparently abysmal understanding of Feng Shui, or questioning why you insist on thinking the colour maroon is in fashion right now. Take no notice!

Out of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom should best reveal who you are - the real you. The ‘you’ that you may not want to parade around outside in your garden, or leave on-show in your front room for everyone who walks through the front door to see. This ‘you’ resides in the place where you are free to do as you please. Share it with the ones you love, and when life gets too much you can close the door, block it all out, and just relax.

Relax in the company of all those things that represent who you really are. That colour raspberry on the walls which others may think is too vibrant. That rustic chest of drawers you love which some could argue needs a new lick of paint. But none of that matters. You love it, and this is your room.

Unfortunately, how to decorate and furnish a bedroom can sometimes be the start of a lengthy war of attrition - a battleground for the couple with very differing opinions. A man who refuses to set foot in a room with a mauve colour scheme, and a woman who is so on the cutting edge of interior design that anything less than perfect simply hurts to look at. If you’re lucky enough to have a partner that is easy-going, nods to every decision you make, and goes with the flow like a fish in water then you’ve got yourself a keeper! Bravo. Really.

However, sometimes a relationship is about compromise. Don’t coat the walls in your partner’s least favourite colour, and in return you get to be the one who chooses the new furniture. Compromise.

Choosing a colour or wallpaper is a great start to designing your bedroom. But have a good idea of what style of bedroom you would like. These days furniture comes in all types of styles and colours. You don’t necessarily have to settle for oak bedroom furniture if you’re after a traditional décor. White painted French styled furniture is very popular right now, keeping things elegant and traditional whilst also being bang on trend. Like oak, a white finish will also go with anything, so you know your investment will last even if you fancy redecorating in the future.

Fitted bedrooms are a popular choice for keeping a neat and clutter-free bedroom by maximising storage space. Mirrored doors can be used to make your room appear larger, and coloured gloss doors and drawer panels can add a splash of solid colour without necessarily having to put colour on the walls.

There are so many choices available that in the end it all comes down to you. Visit your local furniture store and take a gander. What speaks to your personality and would best represent who you are? Whether it’s ‘you’ as an individual, or ‘you’ as a couple, remember - it’s your bedroom, and it’s all about you.

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