So you've bought a gorgeous and brand new wardrobe from AHF? It's hand-built to perfection using solid oak, the stainless steel handles are to die for and it's so spacious, you might actually just move in to it…

Most of us don't have magic clothes and accessories that hang and fold themselves when we're done with them, so keeping our spaces organised is super important.

Your new AHF wardrobe deserves it…

Firstly, get it all out. ALL of it! Take your clothes off their hangers, pick up the scrunched clothes from the bottom of the wardrobe and fold them all in to neat piles. All the shoes and bags can be organised too, so get those involved. Now you should have a nice empty wardrobe and piles of lovely folded clothes.

Go through everything and decide what you're going to keep. If you haven't worn anything in the last six months then get rid of it! You're not going to miss it, it's cluttering up your beautiful wardrobe and some things are probably old and bobbly anyway.

You're allowed to store some stuff. Ok, so you might be doing your sort-out in the height of summer and you've not worn your woolies for a few months. These are best stored in a plastic box to keep them fresh and clean. Now get that box under your bed and away from your beloved AHF wardrobe!

Right, so which items will you donate? You might find it difficult to get rid of your old, trusted things but if you want to have a gorgeously organised wardrobe then you have to be brutal. Take a long had look and ask yourself if you will ever wear it again. If the answer is 'no' then donate it to your local charity shop. Somebody else will make much better use of it.

Spent a fortune on a pair of heels you only ever wore once? Put them up for sale online and make yourself a bit of cash! You’re never going to wear them again right?

Now is the time to get organised. Hang as many things up as you possibly can. Let's face it, this thing is roomy so make sure you have plenty of hangers. You could go for the old 'shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses' technique. Or separate your work and casual clothes, or create a rainbow effect in your wardrobe by organising by colour…

It's your wardrobe, it's your call.

Stand back and enjoy your handiwork – And your wardrobe. Happy in the knowledge that you’ve organized your life, you’ve bought a fabulous new item of furniture and you’ve donated to charity. You’re definitely going to heaven!

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