When you buy a sofa it’s important to ensure it will fit though your door, up the stairs and through hallways. Yes it’s all very exciting choosing your dream suite, but that dream could be shattered quite easily if your beloved new sofa will not fit through your front door! This guide below should be able to help you with figuring out whether your sofa will be able to fit in your home.


First you need to measure the dimensions of your sofa. All of our suites have the dimensions listed on our website or if you are in store our helpful sales staff always have a tape measure handy.

Measure the Height (H), Width (W), Depth (D) and Diagonal Depth (DD) of your sofa as all of these will be needed for you to determine the best way to get your new sofa into your home.

Measurements needed on a sofa


This is the key measurement needed when you go furniture shopping as it will give you the parameters for the sofas which you can choose and will fit into your home.

First measure the height (H) – from the ground level to the lowest point of the door frame. Then the width (W) of your door and ensure that there isn’t anything obstructing the path to the doorway.

Measurements for the doorway and hallway


There are 3 ways to tackle the front door:

Ways to fit your sofa into your home

Option 1

Open the door as wide as you can and if the width of the door is greater than the height or depth of the sofa then you are good to go!

Option 2

Carry the sofa in upright. For this option you will need to ensure the height of the doorway is greater than the width of the sofa. Also ensure that you have enough space in your hallway to manoeuvre the suite into your living area.

Option 3

Still struggling? You can use the diagonal depth (DD) so the sofa can go through the door way at an angle. This dimension must be less than the width of your doorway.


Most of our sofa legs are detachable making it easier for delivery! Therefore if space is tight ask for the height of the feet so you can deduct this from the overall height.

Remove the sofa cushions when measuring as this will also reduce the height of your sofa.

Take into account any fixtures or fittings when measuring such as radiators.

If your still having troubles then a modular or recliner sofa could be for you as these come in separate pieces great for simple and easy delivery!

Remember all our sofas have their measurements listed on our website. Click below to find yours or, if you've not chosen your sofa yet then get browsing!

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