Other than the presents (receiving, not buying) the thing everyone looks forward to at Christmas is the food. This is the time when we loosen our belts, delay the diet until the New Year, and eat until we can’t eat no more!

We plan Christmas dinner down to the smallest detail, ensuring we've got enough food for all the family, enough wine to keep us merry until March, and enough plates and cutlery to accommodate every visitor that graces us on Christmas Day.

But what about the dining table? Is it big enough? And is it still able to confidently bear the weight of a turkey banquette, or are its old rickety table legs likely to collapse in a Christmas-catastrophe? Are there enough chairs to seat everyone or will guests be forced to bring their own, creating a line up of uncomfortable eaters each at different heights? Heaven-forbid anyone should have to eat out of their laps - not exactly the fancy Christmas dining experience our guests come to expect!

If there’s ever a time to invest in a new dining table and chair set then its right before the Christmas period. Of all the occasions throughout the year, Christmas is when we all get together and the dining room meal is the pinnacle of it all. So what a perfect opportunity to show off a brand new dining set which incorporates the latest industry trends; something to truly make all your guests green with envy. That’s the true meaning of Christmas after all…

Impress your friends and family with the ultimate dining experience. From a fancy drawer leaf extension that moves with grace and unveils the full capacity of your table with ease, to beautifully crafted upholstered chairs with 6 or even 8 of them comfortably surrounding your solid wood table top. Your new table will be fit for royalty and ready to accommodate a gathering of many hungry visitors.

If you've got the space then you need to make use of it. But even if you’re restricted, there’s still a solution. Most dining tables these days come with extending options; keep it closed when not in use to create a spacious dining room, and extend the table top out when a hungry horde arrives at your door looking for food.

Christmas might still seem like a way off (even if the supermarket displays try to convince you otherwise), but if you’re thinking of improving your home with new dining furniture, then now is the time to do so; ensuring your new table and chairs get delivered in time for the big day!

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