A cool and comfortable recliner might seem like a simple idea but its evolution over the years is really quite interesting.

Around 1850, the only thing close to the relaxing recliner we know and love nowadays, was a kind of camp bed that had many guises. Owners could choose between a chair, a bed or a glamorous chaise longue. A kind of reclining three-in-one deal. In fact, the first reclining chair is said to have been owned by none other than Napoleon III, and some early designs even included document and book holders - for the more discerning lounger.

Contrary to popular belief Mr. Lay Zeeboy is not the father of the modern reclining chair, Daniel F. Caldemeyer is. His chairs boast The Presidential Seal and are film stars! Having made an appearance in the film Apollo 13.

Recliners are a great addition for any home, and absolutely fabulous for your afternoon nap. As well as this, they provide great neck and lumbar support and can help people with all manner of medical ailments to feel more comfortable when they're at home.

A good and quality recliner should last at least 10 years - But how do you choose the best one for you?

Is the chair 'just right'? You need to sit in it for 5 minutes or more to know if it's the right chair for you. Are your feet touching the floor when the back is upright? Does the headrest support your head and neck? How is the cushioning? How's the footrest? Does it move smoothly? Is it comfortable?

A leather recliner is the most durable and a great investment. Make sure you don't focus on aesthetics though. A great recliner will look good but most importantly - feel amazing! Even if you can’t afford to splash out on the very best La-Z-Boy recliner, at AHF we have a wide range of other reclining chairs with a variety of different features and price points to help us find the right one for you.

We can’t guarantee you’ll see it in the latest blockbuster, but we can be sure that a recliner from AHF will be a worthy investment!

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