Often referred to as Zero-Rated, VAT Exempt & VAT relief. Many disabled customers often ask how to purchase Zero-Rated furniture because they don’t know much about it, or they don’t enquire about it because “it’s too complicated”. This short blog is a guide to all frequently asked questions we receive at AHF regarding this particular VAT relief for all disabled and chronically ill customers.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax that you must pay as a consumer when you purchase services and goods in the United Kingdom (UK). The standard rate of VAT in the UK is 20%, sometimes you unknowingly benefit where VAT isn’t charged on some items, such as basic foods. But VAT relief can be available on other services and goods if you can prove that you are entitled to it, such as adjustable lift & tilt furniture.


You’re probably asking yourself, is VAT relief actually worth enquiring about? Of course it is, for example; if Mr Brown was looking into purchasing a £500 lift and tilt chair to help with his chronic illness or disability. He can receive the 20% VAT as discount (£100) back after providing evidence that he is eligible for VAT relief by filling out and signing a personal declaration form and providing a blue disability badge as proof at the point of purchase.


Upholstery and beds that provide electronic motor movement for ease of use for disabled and chronically ill customers, such as lift & tilt chairs and adjustable beds that allow the user to enter and leave the furniture with as little effort as possible. This fantastically designed furniture is perfect for the needs of those affected by physical, mental and chronic illness impairments. You can also receive VAT relief on some medical grade foam mattresses that help people be comfortable for extended periods.


The Georgia Luxury Lift and Tilt Chair from LA-Z-BOY features unique styling with its multi sectional chair back and pillow-top cushions designed to promote good posture and luxury comfort. Including it's signature double spring system with foam and fibre filled seats and a generous 10 year limited warranty.

Choose from a wide variety of different colours in either fabric or in leather to suit any style home. This product includes a handheld remote control and triple electric motor mechanism for perfect ease of use.


The Westbury, Pembroke & Woburn Lift & Tilt chairs from Celebrity offer a range of different styles and colours designed for any style home.

Hand crafted in the UK to the highest quality and come with a choice of single and dual electric motors to suit your needs. Complete with remote control for perfect ease of use when entering and leaving the furniture. At AHF we include a 5 year guarantee on all Celebrity products and fast delivery at the point of purchase for complete peace of mind.


Adjustable beds and all medical grade mattresses from Mammoth are eligible for VAT relief, being the leading manufacturer in medical grade foam and part of the Chiropractors Association, they offer expertly designed adjustable beds and mattresses perfect for all those suffering from medical impairment.

With exceptional comfort and versatility their adjustable beds make climbing in and out of bed completely effortless with position movement at the touch of a button. The mattresses are designed with health in mind, for the best comfort and natural sleep the medical grade foam provides the best sleeping option for those suffering with impairments.



When you visit one of our many stores, speak to our knowledgeable sales staff in regards to purchasing VAT free furniture for your needs. You will need to fill out and sign a VAT relief declaration form and provide proof that you're a blue badge holder at the point of purchase to receive 20% VAT free off your order.

This VAT relief is only available on goods designed to help the disabled, you cannot use this on normal pieces of furniture and must be in your name for personal domestic use. We do not offer this service online, you must go into store to sign the declaration and provide evidence that you're eligible.

Note to customer. If you are in doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods or services zero-rated for VAT you should consult your local VAT office before signing the declaration.

Warning Section 39.2 of the VAT act 1983 provides for severe penalties for anyone who makes use of a document which they know to be false for the purposes of obtaining VAT relief.


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