A corner sofa can be the perfect seating solution for most room sizes and shapes, if you know what to look for. Smaller rooms may be too petite to fit the traditional 3 and 2 seater suite, yet anything less and some family members may have to resort to sitting on the floor - no problem for the toddler who’s adopted the bean bag, but Granddad might need something a bit comfier!

The best way to fit more seats into a small area is to invest in a corner sofa. Reaching right back into the corner of your front room, a corner sofa is an effective way to seat the maximum number of people without your room looking overcrowded. However, even if you don’t have a high head count, you may be able to throw in a chaise longue for you and the dog to really kick back and relax.

Many people will look at an AHF corner sofa and instantly decree “that will never fit in my lounge!” But before you disregard it completely, it is important to understand that many of our corner sofas are modular in design for exactly this reason. This means that every seat or section of the sofa is independent from one another, allowing you to add or remove pieces as required, creating a sofa that’s configured to your needs based on the space available in your living area.

It’s always worth asking the question - does it come in different sizes? However the best way to find exactly what you need is to tell the salesman (or “salesperson” for the more politically correct among us) your exact requirements.

Let them do the work, that’s what they are there for!

All you need to do is measure your space before you go out shopping - you need to know what you are able to fit in. Then let us show you the sofas that will work for you. This should narrow your choice down a bit, to let you spend more time worrying about the more important things - like the colour!

If on the other hand space isn’t an issue, then you’re one of the lucky ones. Don’t fancy a corner sofa? Just take out the corner section and have one long sofa with as many armless seat sections as you want to create the perfect TV/cinema seating solution.

A home cinema is the dream of many technologically savvy individuals, and our built in luxury entertainment units leave nothing to be desired. With iPod docking stations, built-in speakers, and drinks holders you could create your very own cinema experience right in your front room. A luxury corner sofa from AHF is all you need to be the envy of the entire neighbourhood!

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