A brand new carpet is certainly a thing of great beauty. A house with a new carpet quickly becomes holy ground as guests are urged to remove shoes at the door and are expected to shuffle around in socks during visits. Carpets are a big investment for any home and it makes sense to look after them. So take off your flippin’ shoes!

Fact: A single square foot of beige coloured carpet can hide over half a kilo of dirt and grit and still mange to look clean! Modern carpets are often made of synthetic fibres like nylon, polyester and acrylic and are designed to hide dirt. These fibres tend not to wear out as much as they can crush and mat together or get scratched. This is caused by grit and sand that rubs in to the fibres and damages them permanently. This is often known as ‘traffic lane grey.’

Don’t worry, we love carpets! We understand. So we’ve put together a few tips to keep yours looking good as new…


Every entrance into the house should have an outside mat that is rough enough to remove mud and soil. Ideally you should use an inside mat too, to remove moisture from shoes. Make sure they’re light and machine washable so you can clean them regularly.


The easiest and best way to ensure the long lasting beauty of your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. At least twice a week, and much more often if you have children and pets. This will prevent soil and dirt from becoming embedded in the pile and premature occurrence of ‘traffic lane grey’. It may seem ridiculous but grooming your carpets does a world of good. Brushing the fibres and encouraging them to stand on end will prevent them becoming crushed and matted and means that the vacuum cleaner can reach right down to the base to get rid of dirt and grit easily.


If the bag of your vacuum cleaner is over 50% full, it won’t be working effectively. You should change it or empty it when it reaches this level to keep your vacuum running at optimum levels. Check the brushes too. Do they bend only slightly when you run your fingers along them? If not, they could be over used and need replacing or adjusting.


Most people don’t tend to get their carpets professionally cleaned unless they can visibly see dirt. This is the wrong approach because unfortunately, most of the damage has already been done. Regular professional cleaning once every 2 years helps prevent the premature wear and tear of carpet fibres and removes any invisible dirt and oils before they cause too much damage. Make sure you retreat your carpet with stain resistant products after it’s been cleaned too. It makes the world of difference!


Most everyday spills can be cleaned up and removed as long as they are treated immediately. The longer you leave a spill on the carpet, the bigger the change that you won’t get it to budge!


Rotating the furniture in your room will mean that people alter their paths through the room and reduce wear and tear on heavily trodden areas. Moving heavy furniture in to a different spot will have the same effect and give your home a nice new feel! Try to use carpet protectors as much as possible too. These make sure your carpet is safe under all that weight.

Something else to consider is how much sunlight your carpets come in to contact with. Like any other fabric, carpets will dull and fade in sunlight so choose a lighter colour in sun-drenched rooms to prolong the colour.

We don’t just sell carpets at AHF, we’re selling you an investment. And just like you, we want that investment to last. We have an extensive range of carpets ideal for family homes with specific stain-free technology to help you keep your carpets looking fresh for years to come.

For more care advice like this, make sure to visit one of our carpet specialists in your local AHF Furniture & Carpets store.

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