When it comes to finding a new sofa for your living room you’re going to realise that the options to choose from are endless!

There are many things you should consider which will shorten the vast selection you’re facing. For example, by taking factors such as budgets, styles and sizes into account your options are going to drop off at pace, but you must feel sure in your decision before you buy as purchasing a sofa is a major investment.

Make your selection less stressful and far easier by having a read of these 6 useful sofa buying tips.


When you’re looking to invest in new furniture you’re always going to have a budget in mind before you start shopping.

Take into consideration that all fabrics cost a different price with leather sofas being one of the most expensive on the market due to the strength of the material. Make sure that you don’t limit yourself too much when devising a budget for a new sofa as the main thing is that you invest in one that is going to last you for years.

When you’re putting your budget together make sure to give yourself a little bit of leeway in case you stumble across a dream buy that is ideal for your living room but is ever so slightly out of your price range.

Many sofas come with interest free credit available so you can pay over a period of time and avoid having to pay a lump sum.


Purchasing a sofa is a long term investment so you need to assure yourself that you’re buying a sofa that’s going to withstand the test of time. By thoroughly researching into different sofa styles, retailers and manufacturers you’re going to have a firmer idea of what sofa you’re going to eventually purchase.

Most furniture retailers give both customers and potential customers the opportunity to scan their different furniture ranges online and it’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up. Not only can you get a great idea of its design and dimensions but most importantly you have the opportunity to read product reviews and find out how previous customers rate their own investment.




When you’re trying out potential new sofas it’s very important that you don’t make a hasty decision as there are many things to consider.

Say for example you have young children who are constantly running round the house bumping into things; do you think that a sofa with a wooden frame is a good idea? Or if you have a relatively small living room is buying an oversized luxurious couch the way forward?

Choosing the ideal sofa for your home is a difficult process and needs plenty of thought and attention put into it.


If you’ve found quite a few sofas that tickle your fancy, head down to the retailer that sells them and ask to try them out.

Your comfort is essential and you certainly shouldn’t be buying a sofa for appearance purposes alone. By taking the time to chill out on a sofa in store you will quickly identify whether the sofa cushions and the materials match your comfort requirements.

By trying out the sofa in store you should also be able to establish an understanding of how strong the frame of the sofa is. Enquire with either the retailer or manufacturer and find out what the sofa’s frame is made from as well as its suspension systems.

With extremely low cost sofas it’s essential more than ever to test out the strength of the frame as there may be another reason that it’s so cheap!


Ultimately this is the biggest challenge you will face when purchasing a new sofa. It can be very difficult imagining what your ideal sofa will look like in your living room and determining how it could disrupt its current layout.

When you’ve drawn up a shortlist of the sofas you’re seriously considering, take each sofas dimensions and size into account and make space in your living room for them so you can get a firmer idea of how it will look.

Remember that your new sofa will be the main focal point of your living room so it’s important that there’s plenty of space in front of it to make it easily assessable, that it’s within a good distance away from the television and that it makes your living room look symmetrical.




You want your new sofa to stand out but not for the wrong reasons, that’s why it’s essential that you choose a new couch that is fitting of your living rooms current design otherwise it’s going to look very out of place.

Choosing the colour is the first step. Bold colours are the most flexible options as they can complement other furniture pieces of a different colour. It’s important to note that a bold coloured sofa looks best surrounded by neutral coloured furniture and furnishings as it makes your sofa appear more distinctive.

Leather sofas are also a very popular option for many homeowners, especially those of natural and neutral colours as they can suit contrasting styles.


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