In terms of New Years’ Resolutions, a popular one is to make more of an effort with socialising. Yes it is fun but most of the time we see hosting as ‘too much effort’, but when we actually get around to it; we love it!

Dinner parties and special family meals don’t always have to be out at a fancy restaurant – they can be in your home! Meals here are much cheaper (and let’s be honest, probably more entertaining) but your home may need a little spruce before you invite everybody round.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your dining room for any guests you may expect, as well as how to plan for an amazing dinner party!



Although spontaneity is a great thing to play with sometimes, it just isn’t practical where dinner parties are concerned.

Planning in advance is key point to creating the ideal party for your guests and it also reduces the amount of stress you’re likely to find yourself under.

Create to-do lists for everything from food shopping to how many guests you are expecting; in turn you’re less likely to be running around like a headless chicken on the day!


This one relates to the ‘planning in advance’ section but is so important, we think it needs its’ own space!

There is nothing worse than slaving away in the kitchen for 5 hours only to realise that one of your guests has a nut allergy and won’t respond very well to your peanut butter dessert.

Prepare dining room

When inviting your guests, ask them if they have any allergies/preferences when it comes to food. One guest may be vegetarian so won’t eat the meat you provide, but its’ better making an extra dish for veggies rather than leaving them to starve!


Of course it would be great to invite your cousin’s friend’s daughter’s family for dinner, but it probably won’t be very practical.

Consider limiting the amount of people you invite to your dinner party for two reasons; one being to protect yourself from being too stressed-out, and the other so you can actually talk to the guests you do have!

The aim of a dinner party is to enjoy great food with excellent company. If there are too many guests around the table, there’s no chance that you’re going to spend quality time with them.

The amount of guests you should invite is also dependent on how big your dining area and furniture is. If they’re going to end up eating from the sofa, there really isn’t much point inviting them!


Baring your kid’s homework all over the kitchen sides won’t be the most practical way to get cooking (it probably won’t look the most enticing to look at, either!).



There is nothing more difficult than holding people in a small space at a party, and even more so when they’re eating. Try and clear out the dining area as much as you can; you could even purchase furnishings with hidden storage like our footstools, which provide you with an easy and visually-pleasing way to store your necessities.

Guests that come to your home will rarely come with just what they’re wearing. Coats, shoes and bags will need a safe place to be stored so it’s worth investing in a coatrack for them to place their items.


We’re firm believers that little details make the biggest impressions, so it’s worth remembering about the little parts of a party that you may otherwise forget.

Cutlery, plates and napkins are all going to need to be used, so you’ll need to have enough to cater to your guests. It’s also worth noting that other necessities (like toilet roll!) should be stocked up in order for your guests to feel ‘at home’.


Whether it’s a Christmas dinner, friend’s birthday party or just your turn to host a dinner party, remember these tips and you shouldn’t go far wrong!


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