Whether circular or rectangular, a glass dining table is a perfect choice for a stylish and modern dining room. Over the last few decades, glass dining tables have gone from an unusual ultra-modern accessory into a staple of modern decorating.

Glass dining tables offer several benefits over traditional wooden or marble dining tables. Since they’re clear, they have a semi-visible look that means that don’t take up as much space – at least from an aesthetic perspective – as wooden tables.

Glass tables are also amazingly easy to clean. Since there are no oils to worry about or colour to avoid affecting, cleaning a glass dining table is as simple as spraying on some water and wiping it clean.

The sleek, modern look of a glass table can also make any room – from the dining room to the living room – feel more luxurious. Nothing adds elegance to a modern living space like glass, whether it’s coloured or completely transparent.

Despite their advantages, glass tables have one downside: unlike wooden dining tables, for which matching chairs are always available, finding good chairs to pair with a glass dining table can be surprisingly difficult.

From colour and texture clashes to designs that are just too old fashioned to look good with an ultra-modern glass table, lots of chairs that look good beside a classic wooden dining table look out of place next to glass.

In this post, we’ll share five characteristics that you should look for when choosing chairs to pair with a wooden dining table to make finding the ideal chairs for your modern dining room or living space as easy as possible.


Since most glass tables are transparent, it’s tough to find chairs that complement or match the colour of their surface. Instead of matching the surface of the table, match your chairs to the colour, material or texture of the table’s structure.

Does your glass dining table have chrome legs? Choose chairs with chrome backs or legs to match the table’s structure and create a visual identity for your dining room that’s sleek, stylish and amazingly modern.

If your glass dining table has a wooden frame, choose chairs that use the same type of wood. Many glass dining tables, particularly wooden-framed tables, are available as part of dining sets with matching wooden chairs.

One of the most common complaints about glass dining tables is that they can feel a little cold and impersonal on their own. Pairing your glass dining table with wooden chairs is a great way to make it feel more natural and full of life.


Glass tables are a modern design phenomenon. Prior to the 1960s, the majority of dining tables had an entirely wooden surface, with rare exceptions made of plastic or marble.

Since glass is a fairly new material in interior design, it doesn’t really match chair designs from the first half of the 20th century. Stick with chairs designed from the 1950s onward to make sure your dining table matches its chairs.

In fact, mid-century furniture looks great when paired with a stylish and modern dining table. A set of Eames-style dining chairs match almost any glass table style, from compact and round tables to large rectangular tables designed for families.

Feel free to experiment with different colours and materials, but aim to keep the style of your dining chairs as modern as possible. Classic chairs look fantastic on their own, but they rarely match a modern table design.


Glass dining tables aren’t entirely transparent. If your table has an accent colour – for example, wooden legs that are painted white or a centrepiece that’s a certain colour – you can choose contrasting colours to create an interesting look.

If your table has white accents, choose black or dark grey chairs to create contrast and make your dining room furniture stand out from the crowd. If your table has a black colour accent, pick white chairs for an eye-catching, high-contrast look.


You can also combine materials to create visual contrast. Choose elegant, natural chairs in a light wood to contrast with your table’s chrome legs, or choose a set of white, plastic chairs to contrast with a dark glass table top.

Contrasting colours instantly make your dining furniture the visual centre of the room it’s placed in, making this type of colour scheme a great choice if your glass dining table is installed inside a mixed living and dining area.


You don’t need to accessorise your dining table with interesting chairs. Sometimes the best way to decorate is by choosing simple but elegant chairs and adding a rug to your dining room to make it stand out.

Since most glass dining tables are relatively light – in particular, lighter than most wooden table designs – keeping them on top of a rug is a great way to accessorise your dining area and give it a unique, elegant look.

A rug can also affect the perceived colour of your dining table. For example, if your table top is completely transparent, putting the table on top of a dark rug can have the effect of making the glass seem dark and tinted.


Is your table top made out of tinted glass? Dark glass tables are an elegant furniture choice that look particularly elegant and inspiring in ultra-modern dining rooms and living areas.

Create a dark, elegant look by matching your dark glass dining table with chairs that are a similar colour. Plastic and brushed metal look great alongside glass, especially black glass dining and console tables.

You can also pair wooden dining chairs with a dark glass dining table. Since black or dark grey glass can look quite industrial and modern on its own, natural wood is an excellent way to give it a less powerful and imposing feel.


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