The bedroom is on its way to becoming the new living room. Many of us are tucking ourselves into bed after a long day, with a Netflix on our laptop and a cup of tea on our bedside table.  But, with spending so much time in our bedrooms, it would seem only right that we make the most of it with ridiculously cozy furniture and accessories.

We’ve investigated the web for the best furnishing and fabric ideas that will make your bedroom the coziest room of all.


As the cold winter weather starts to creep in, we find ourselves reaching for that extra layer of warmth. The star attraction stretched across the bottom of our bed - the blanket.

There are so many factors in buying the perfect blanket. We might decide on the one in our favourite colour or the one with the most attractive pattern. But the most important of all, is making sure that it’s the cosiest blanket ever.

A good, thick and cozy blanket can have a long life expectancy. The key is to make sure you choose durable fabrics like fleece, cotton, cashmere or wool. Don’t fear about overspending on a blanket either. Paying just that little bit extra for an item like this is always worth the extension in life expectancy. 


Picking the right lighting in can bring the coziness in a bedroom together. You might use your big bedroom light in the morning when getting dressed, or when making sure you choose matching socks. But it’s the bedside lighting that holds the cozy factor.

Bedside lighting can be perfect for when you want to relax in the evening as it’s not too harsh, or too dull. You might consider choosing a lamp in a darker shade - choosing white or magnolia are likely to allow more light through. With a darker shade your lighting will be way less harsh.

If you’re particular about how cozy you like your lighting, perhaps liking more for reading and less for TV, you might find a dimmer switch a good idea.

For those who don’t like the idea of a bedside lamp, fairy lights make a just as cozy alternative. You can freely hang fairy lights into the nooks and crannies of your bedroom, whether it’s across the bedhead or across the walls.

You might even decide to attach pegs and photographs to your fairy lights, as a quirky photo-hanging, and lighting alternative. 


Selecting autumn like colours for a bedroom can give the impression of warmth. Where painting full walls red or orange might not be for everyone, choosing accessories in these colours can be just as effective.

You might consider colour scheming the fabrics within the bedroom, matching bedspreads to curtains, or throw pillows to a rug. Patterns are great for adding warmth too. Look especially for busier styles, like tartan or aztec print, particularly in warm reds or golds.


But don’t forget to think about the large furniture pieces in the bedroom too. Choosing dark wood colours for your wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table can add heat to a room. There are plenty of dark wood colours to choose from too, ranging from black on beech to dark cherry.


A key tip for a cozy bedroom is to try and utilize as much empty space as possible. Too much white space can take away the personality in a room. The more togetherness in the space can create a sense of coziness.



Start by considering where you have the most blank space on your walls. It could be above your bed, above your chest of drawers or even below your windows. By fitting shelves into these nooks and crannies, it creates spaces to put personality filled items like picture frames or ornaments.

If you have any slightly larger floor-to-wall spaces, you can always try and squeeze in a miniature chair and desk. It may not be the fanciest of home offices, but it sure will be cozy!  As long as there is space for your computer and a space to write, you’ll find yourself with the cutest desk ever. 




Nothing takes away the vibe of a cosy room quite like messy cables. Luckily, cable tidies are here to help!

If you have a bit of a dab hand for crafting, then there are plenty of unique ways you can make your own cable tidies; using hamma beads, fabrics or even lego figurines.

For larger cables, like hairdryers or laptop chargers, there are plenty of items you can use around your house to turn into cable tidies… Kitchen roll or toilet roll tubes are ideal!

But don’t panic if making your own isn’t the way for you! There are plenty of options you can purchase online too.




We only recommend this one if you reckon you’ll still be able to get out of your toasty bed in the morning. But if you looking for a way to make your bed ridiculously warm and cozy a good quality blanket can cost you from £20.00. You can even buy faux fur heated blankets, which feel pretty much like sleeping with a warm, giant golden retriever. Surely nothing can be cozier than that. 



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Ultimately, the bed is the number one part of your bedroom, so for when looking for the ultimate way to cozy up your space, your bed is where it’s all at!

There are plenty of accessories you can use to jazz up your sleeping space. But here are a couple of our top suggestions:

Attaching a curtain or mosquito net as a canopy to the ceiling can make you feel like your sleeping in the cosiest royal bed chamber. Not only do mosquito needs block out any light, if you are the type of sleeper that needs complete darkness, but they can also make your bed feel like the perfect hideaway den.

Choose furry throw pillows to arrange atop your bed, you’ll feel like you’re lying on top of a fluffy cloud. If you’re having any trouble tracking down the perfect fur colour or feel, here is a handy tutorial you can use to turn a no longer wanted fluffy rug or bathmat into the perfect throw pillow cover.

So, we hope our top cosy bedroom tips have encouraged you to stay safe and warm in the comfort of your bedroom. Whether you feel persuaded to treat yourself to a bed-full of blankets and fluffy pillows or hiding yourself away underneath a silky canopy, all you need to add now is a mini-fridge, throw in a few snacks and you’ll never want to leave again!


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