There’s no surprise that we’re changing our furniture more regularly than consumer advice recommends - whether it’s down to changing the design of your home or just a general lifestyle change being to blame.

Washing machines, fridges and dining tables are some of the most popular items to replace earlier than the recommended life span, but it’s not only the kitchen furniture that you are splashing out on! Sofas, bedframes and mattresses are often swapped earlier than they need to be, with the average sofa being replaced 1.38 years too early.

There could be many reasons why we change our appliances and home furnishings too frequently. Maybe the colour of your sofa is perfectly OK and shows no signs of breaking, but it doesn’t fit in with your latest colour scheme; a great excuse to buy a brand new piece of furniture!

Any excuse for treating ourselves, eh?

Check out our infographic below which shows the difference between the recommended lifespan of a piece of furniture, and the actual length of time you keep it for:

Glotech Furniture Infographic


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