The start of March means a lot of things. This year, the month of March brings us St David’s Day, Shrove Tuesday (yay, pancakes!), the beginning of Lent, Mother’s Day, and (perhaps most excitingly) the end of daylight savings!

But did you know that March is also National Bed Month?

National Bed Month

That’s right, an entire 31 days dedicated to beds and sleeping! Now, you may ask why we need a National Bed Month in the first place, but with almost a third of Brits not getting enough sleep - and up to 25% of people in the UK drinking alcohol to help them sleep - it’s clear that as a nation we have a serious issue with dropping off.

Reasons for poor sleep are incredibly varied. Stress and worry, being disturbed by a partner and noise all contribute to the quality of our kip, as does the suitability of our bed.

So, what can we do to remedy our sleep issues? That’s where National Bed Month comes in. Introduced by the Sleep Council, National Bed Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of getting enough sleep, how our environment and lifestyle can impact on our sleep patterns, and how a comfortable and supportive bed can improve the quality of our kip.

Throughout March we’ll be sharing our top tips and recommendations on improving your sleep, as well as facts and trivia about beds and sleeping, and more information about how a quality bed and mattress can help you get more Z’s!

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