The living room is often the heart of the home. It’s the place where the family relax together and discuss the day, and also where parties occur & guests congregate. As well as being a place to generally chill out.

Because so many people relax in the living space of a home, there’s often pressure for it to be looking its best but making the room look its best can raise some questions.

In this blog post we’ve listed a five things to consider when decorating your living room.


When it comes to decorating and designing your living room, you need to really crack down on how you’ll use it. There a few question to ask yourself to help you get the most out of the main room in your house, including:

What is the purpose of the room?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself. What is the main purpose of the room? What happens there? Why do people go there?

The most common purposes of a living room are to entertain guests, to relax and to watch TV. This is a huge factor to consider when decorating your living room as you can tailor the area to suit your needs.

How often will you use the room?

Again, the amount of time you spend in the living room a hugely important point to consider before you decorate it.

The usage of a room determines everything from the furniture you can buy down to the colour scheme. If the space is used frequently, you need durable pieces to decorate it with, such as a good quality sofa. If the space is only used a handful of times, you can get away with more vibrant colour schemes to bring the area to life.




Arguably one of the most controversial aspects of a room is the colour scheme and theme. The colour scheme should have 1 or 2 main colours with variation in the details. For example, you can decide on a black and white scheme with grey items in areas like tables, shelving and accessories. The theme of a room is more of a style and therefore is not completely necessary. Some of the most popular themes are patterned, minimalistic and modern styles. Both the colour scheme and themes are completely down to your individual taste and is also a way to bring the room to life. Go as crazy or as minimal as you like – you’ll be the one sitting in it!

Do your research!

If you’re completely oblivious to what’s on-trend right now, get on the internet and do some research – it could end up saving you re-decorating again in a few months’ time. Sites like Pinterest, Design Seeds and ColourLovers are excellent resources for choosing a complimentary colour scheme in your home.




Another important question to ask yourself is about natural lighting. This is the lighting that comes into the room from natural sunlight, usually through windows and roofs.

A way to test the natural lighting of a room is to see what the room looks like with no artificial lighting coming from lights, lamps or TVs. If the room looks light already, you have some freedom when decorating. If the room looks dark, you may need to alter your ideas to brighten it up.

The colour scheme of a room plays the biggest part of making the room look brighter. Try to use light colours to make the room look more airy, and add small lighting features throughout the room to provide some artificial lighting.



Fireplace in Living Room | AHF

Every room throughout the house needs a focal point. It’s the place where everyone will look when they visit the room and you can tailor the furnishings around the space.

Typically, the focal point of a living room is a TV or fireplace. Try to put extra effort into these areas; taking into mind you don’t want any distractions around the space to persuade the eyes to wonder.


The thing most people tend to forget about when decorating their living rooms is the detail. Things like wire management, door handles and light switches tend to go un-noticed when you decorate an area, but a room can look un-finished without the details done.

The last thing you want when a room is fully-decorated is to have messy wires everywhere, then needing to pull out your gorgeous creation to hide them.  Try and find a way to manage your cables without making it too obvious in the room; hiding them if possible.

If you’re looking to decorate your living room, we are sure these tips will help you get the most out of the area. Get online, do your research and paint away – we’d love to see the results!


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