In 2012, the UK had approximately four million women living alone. Both male and female single living is estimated to increase by two million by 2020. Stats like these can reinforce the solo DIY mentality certainly.

Decorating the home, or undertaking a DIY project is a large scale operation in many regards. It requires precise planning and preparation. This will involve speaking to partners or family members, who will inject their own unique opinions into proceedings.
Or not, as the case seems to be.


You see, recently, AHF conducted a survey asking who makes the majority of home improvement decisions around the house. Rather than being a joint effort, DIY is still very much focused on the ‘Yourself’ part.

80% of people stated they prefer not to let their partners help with interior design decisions!

Of these, 88% were female, which seems to suggest that men are quite happy to let their respective other handle all the planning and preparation! In contrast, only 30% of men surveyed wanted to leave the decisions solely to their partners.

  1. Here are a few other interesting facts we gleaned from the survey:
  2. 15% of people would be happy to hand over all the planning to their partners
  3. Over 50% of people want to keep control of all home improvement issues,
  4. 30% stated they wanted more control!
  5. 10% said they would be happy to pass all decisions to another party.

This certainly proves interesting as it seems men are geared towards a more collaborative approach, having a ‘teamwork’ mentality. Another contributing factor may be the statistic that far more females are living alone now.

In 2012, there were approximately four million women living by themselves. With male and female single living expected to rise by another two million by 2020, it seems like the solo DIY project is a trend that is not going away anytime soon.

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