Having a small living space can be frustrating for many reasons. The most common problem is not having enough space for storage and extra seating, which can definitely prove troublesome for larger families and party-lovers!

There are many tips, tricks and advice we have for decorating and furnishing a small living room - from the colour scheme to adding hidden storage - that you can read here, to hopefully increase the spaciousness of your room.


The colour scheme is a fundamental part of any room in the home; especially in the living room. Using colours like pastels, whites and neutrals will have many amazing effects on your living room for many reasons, including it being the best way to ‘push back’ walls.

These kinds of shades open up the room to more light, making the room look larger. Using a colour palette like this gives a spacious feeling to the room, giving you the option to not be as restricted with furnishing as you would with a darker palette.

Colours and shades like this let the eye roam freely and bounce light all over the place, making the room look and feel much larger and airier.


Finding places and areas to store your excess clutter can prove one of the most difficult things to factor in the furnishings of a small living room.

We recommend getting this vital extra storage space by purchasing multi-purpose items. Our hidden storage footstools are excellent for this; giving you the opportunity to put your feet up and relax knowing that there’s no clutter around the room!

Another great storage solution is purchasing coffee tables, wall units and bookcases with extra storage space to add extra space for clutter into a small room.


Greenery really opens up a space, and can give a great enlarging effect on a small living room. Add some of your favourite plants, succulents and flowers into the area to make the space look light, airy and fresher.

Neutral and small green features are undoubtedly our favourite colour scheme to brighten up a living room, and it instantly makes the room feel like a bigger space. You’ll be surprised at how well it works!


The use of mirrors in any room of the home is a great tip for enlarging the room; especially in the living room.

Because mirrors reflect the light and patterns of a space, it can make the area feel more open-plan and spacious. The reflections can be mounted onto a wall mirror to reflect the other walls, boosting light and adding depth. In turn, this makes the room feel larger and gives you more space to play with when furnishing it.


In small living rooms where you’ve done all that you can to increase the width, you may want to start working on increasing the height.

how to make small living room bigger

Try to use vertical wallpapers as opposed to horizontal, as horizontal papers tend to elongate the room width-ways. It’s also harder to find a neutral-themed horizontal paper that flatters the room without being too distracting.

Curtains and low-seated furniture also help to make the room feel taller and avoid feeling more crowded.

Whether it’s elongating or increasing the size of your living room purely with your home furnishings, we’re sure our tips will help you get the most out of your space.


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