Small living rooms are normally crammed with bulky furniture and sofas making it feel messy, this doesn't have to be the case anymore! With some simple space saving solutions your small living room can be transformed into a clutter free bright room again.

Sofas and chairs are normally the bulkiest items in a living room; therefore if you do not have vast amounts of space then modular furniture could be your answer. This is a great option as you can mix and match items and rearrange them to create your perfect suite. Modular furniture is fantastic as it can easily fit through the front door as well as up the stairs. Corner sofas are fabulous as they can act as a divider in a room, to split up a sitting room and a dining area giving the illusion of more space!


Shelves are a great way to use wall space and de-clutter the floors of your living room. Alcoves can normally be a nuisance in a room but they can be used to create book shelves which could remove a piece of furniture from the room. Alcoves can also be used as a feature in your room, by painting it in a bright colour or wallpapering the wall it can really make the room brighter as well as adding storage to the room. Alcove shelving is a fabulous alternative to bulky sideboards or bookshelves as it gives you more floor space and you are utilising the whole room.

Window seats allow for another storage surface along with an additional seating area in the room. They can also have built in storage underneath; this could be used to store kid’s toys or blankets in the summer. Window seats are an inexpensive way to maximise your space, they also work really well in bedrooms too!

Multi-functional furniture can sometimes be forgotten, but it is a great way to gain more space in your living room. For example, storage footstool can be used to house blankets or all of those little bits you normally have no place for! Using a chest as a coffee table is a fantastic option if you normally have toys all over your floor and do not have the space to put them in boxes in the corner of the room.

When it comes to small living spaces it is all about making the most of the space you have. So think creatively, making small changes such as adding shelves into an alcove could really make the space look bigger!

Living Room
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