The bedroom is the one room in the house which always seem to be lacking in space especially if it smaller single room. When it comes to furnishing a bedroom we all want to cram as much furniture in as possible to create more storage space but this is not always the most effective space saving method.

Beds are normally the bulkiest item in a bedroom,

therefore it makes the most sense to find ways to maximise space within this piece of furniture. Beds are a great space for storage for example, under a bed frame storage boxes can be filled with excess clothing or children’s toys. Divan beds come with a great range of storage options from drawers to open spaces which maximise space. If space is extremely tight in your bedroom, then you should consider an ottoman bed option, as this lift up storage option means you do not need space either side of the bed to open the drawers.

Montreal Storage Bedframe

Removing large furniture from the room will also maximise floor space,

for example winter jumpers could be taken out of the wardrobe and placed under the bed in boxes or drawers to attempt to remover bulkier items such as chest of drawers. If you can't bare to clear out your clothes so need all of the furniture in your room, then painting all the furniture white will give the illusion of a brighter, less cluttered and more open space. If you have lots of clothes and accessories along with limited space then adding an additional clothes rail at waist height in the wardrobe can allow for more clothes be in smaller space.

Porter Bedroom Collection

White furniture giving the illusion of more space

Keeping the furniture off the floor also gives the appearance of more space

for example beds and tables with thin legs do not detract from the open floor space. Maximising storage space on the walls by having shelves on the wall instead of a book case also allows for greater space and a cleaner feel within the room. For example having a mirror on the wall with a shelf underneath can create the same effect as a dressing table without loosing valuable space. By having a wardrobe either side of the bed with over bed storage also means using the wall space which would normally be redundant and changing it into useable space!

Children’s bedrooms always seem to be lacking in space with toys everywhere!

Therefore clever storage and space saving ideas are needed to help toys to be stored away. For children under bed storage is a great option, such as boxes under the bed for toys that are not used all of the time. Bunk beds are a fantastic option if you have more than one child in a bedroom as it allows for more space on the floor to play. Bunk beds with a desk underneath are another fantastic idea as it allows for more furniture to be in the room without loosing valuable floor space.

When it comes to maximising space in your bedroom you want storage options that work for you, if you need space for bedding and excess clothing then divan storage options could work best for you. If you are on a limited budget then painting your furniture so it is all uniform in white can instantly give the appearance of more space.

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