The concept of Mattresses has been around since prehistoric times; however, the idea of interior spring mattresses was not developed until mid-1800s. Interior spring mattresses were introduced to the UK in the 1930’s along with pocket spring units by Airsprung. We took a trip to Airsprung factory and offices in Trowbridge to see how their mattresses are made. 

Depending on what type of mattress you have ordered, the correct springs are selected. A popular choice these days is a pocket sprung mattress. The pocket spring system does exactly as it says on the tin, each spring coil is encased in a fabric “pocket” and then each pocket is sewn together to connect each spring. This means each spring can react independently to body weight helping correct spinal alignment.

 Pocket Springs

Next the frame is connected to the springs providing support to the springs. Did you know you should never sit on the edge of your bed? This frame is here to keep the springs in place and if damaged the mattress will lose its shape and be pretty much useless!


Whilst the interior of the mattress is being created in one part of the factory, the decorative cover is being sewn in another part. This makes up the exterior cover for the top, bottom and sides. At Airsprung most of this side piece is hand stitched by skilled craftsmen.

 Hand sewn pieces

Next the fillings are added on top of the springs, this varies for each mattress however these usually consist of a mixture of Wool, cotton & silk and sometimes animal hair to give it an extra cosy and snug feel. Then a top cover is placed and sewn on top of the mattress to squish all the fillings and secure them into place.


The mattress is then placed into a machine that squishes it flat, tilts it on its side and lines it up perfectly ready for tufting. This pulls the mattress together with a fabric tuft (button of sorts) securing it on each side, keeping everything where it should be and giving it the unique and luxury look.

The Mattresses are then wrapped in recyclable plastic bags, labelled and ready for distribution to you the customers home, ready to help give you a snug nights sleep.

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