Bed Size Guide

Bed Sizes

These are the different divan and mattress sizes available on most standard beds sold at AHF. From small single divans which are fantastic for children’s bedrooms to king and super king size beds for rooms with ample floor space.

2'6 Small Single Width 77cm Length 192cm
3'0 Single Width 92cm Length 192cm
4'0 Small Double    Width 122cm    Length 192cm
4'6 Double Width 137cm Length 192cm
5'0 King Width 152cm Length 202cm
6'0 Super King Width 182cm  Length 202cm


Storage Options

Most of our divans are available with a range of different storage options from standard non-storage bases to clever under-mattress solutions to maximise your storage space.

Non-Storage Divan

A non-storage divan contains a solid base with no drawer options and is seen as a standard low cost bed option for those who do not require any additional storage in the bedroom.

2 Drawer Divan

Drawers are available on a single bed with the 2 large drawers on one side of the base. A headboard can be fixed to either end of the divan allowing the base to be rotated and the drawers shown on the side which suits your room. On a double or larger divan the 2 drawers are located on either side at the foot-end of the bed.

4 Drawer Divan

A 4 drawer divan has 2 large drawers at the foot of the bed and 2 large ones at the head-end which are perfect for storing lightweight items such as bedding, pillows and clothing.

2+2 Drawer Divan

A 2+2 drawer divan consists of 2 large drawers either side of the foot-end and 2 additional small drawers which allow for extra storage whilst still leaving enough room for bedside tables and chests.

Hideaway Divan

The hideaway option is great for maximising storage capacity; it consists of an open cavity under the bed concealed by a fixed valance allowing easy access to the storage compartment. On a single bed the hideaway runs along one side of the base and for a double there are sections on both sides for ample storage. All of the storage space is concealed behind an upholstered valance which covers the full height of the divan base.

Ottoman Divan

Ottoman divans provide the ultimate storage solution. By simply lifting the top of the divan allows the whole of the under-mattress area to be used for storage. The hydraulic spring system makes it easy to lift even with the mattress in place.

Some of our beds are available with 4 different ottoman storage options. The standard full bottom lift ottoman allows for storage under the whole bed and lifts from the foot-end. The half ottoman lifts at the foot of the bed and provides storage in half of the base. The half ottoman with 2 drawers is the same as the previous option but with the addition of a draw on either side at the head of the bed. The side lift option allows for maximum storage and lifts from the side for easy access to the space.