General Sofa Care Advice | Product Care | Fabb Furniture

Where not to sit

Please do not sit or stand on the arms of your sofa or sit on the front edge of the seats as this will cause undue wear and will shorten the life of your sofa. Please do not put pressure on side panels of upholstery i.e. outside arms and back panels.


Foam cushions will soften within the first few months of use; this reaction is normal and not a fault. Where possible, try switching seats to ensure they all receive equal use and make sure fixed cushions and arm pads have their creases smoothed out daily. Keep these plumped where possible to maintain their look and shape.

Fibre filled cushions are used to give a luxurious feel. These cushions must be plumped and smoothed daily in order to maintain their comfort and shape, and also prevent them from flattening. Turn and smooth reversible cushions at least once a week as this will improve resilience and promote even wear.


Zips are inserted for manufacturing purposes. Unless specifically advised to in the manufacturer’s guide, please do not remove the covers or attempt to wash them.

Creases and shading

Please note that Chenille fabric has a raised pile which sometimes creates different shades. When the pile is brushed in one direction or another it can show light or dark shading. This is a normal characteristic of this type of luxury fabric.

To limit the visual effect of creases, gently apply a clean damp cloth to raise the pile, then follow by brushing the pile back in the direction of its ‘lay’ when it’s dry. Do not soak the fabric as this may cause the cotton backing to shrink.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning can help prolong the lifespan of your furniture. Lightly vacuum your furniture once a week in order to limit dirt and dust which can increase fabric wear and dull the colour of your furniture. Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, paying special attention to the arm fronts where your arms rest and the areas where you rest your head. Covers usually have a high cotton content and during the first few months of use may ‘pill’ or ‘bobble’. These are excess fibres working loose in a similar way to wool on a new carpet, so do not worry. They will break off through regular use.

In order to keep your furniture immaculate we advise you use a professional cleaning service every 12 months or sooner if required.

Sunlight and heat

Direct sunlight can cause furniture to fade. To help limit colour fading and fabric deterioration from sunlight exposure, protect by drawing curtains or blinds. Please note whether it’s fabric, leather or wood, excessive heat will cause fading or cracking to your furniture. Do not place your furniture too close to radiators, fireplaces or other sources of heat.


To limit the possibility of a permanent stain, pay immediate attention to spillages. Use kitchen roll or a clean towel to soak up as much of the spillage as possible. Make sure to dab the area and not rub. Once this is done, refer to your manufacturer’s care guide or your furniture protection plan paperwork if necessary.


Snags are usually caused by jewellery, toys, shoe buckles, and pets.