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Please read the following carefully to help keep your suite in pristine condition. Take care to dust it regularly and gently remove any spills with a clean damp cloth. Make sure not to use aerosol spray polishes, solvents, detergents, stain removers, baby wipes, petrol or any over the counter leather cleaners.

Overall cleaning should be carried out once a month but areas of heavy wear or usage, for example seat and back cushions and arm pads, will require more frequent cleaning to remove soiling before it can become too ingrained.

To ensure your suite retains its suppleness and looks, it is recommended that you use one of our specialist leather protection packs which are available to purchase in store.

Denim or other non-colourfast fabrics may transfer dye to your furniture, particularly on light leather covers. Care should be taken to avoid this. We cannot be held responsible for dye transfer as the problem lies with the non-colourfast fabric.

All leather stretches, creases and wrinkles in the first few weeks of use. This is not a manufacturing defect, but is a characteristic of leather which enhances its look and authenticity.

Leather’s natural characteristics include grain variations, insect bites, healed scars, wrinkles and veins. These are part of the natural look of the furniture.

Aniline leather

Due to the way it has been tanned and dyed, Aniline leather will feature a number of natural markings. In order to maintain a natural look and feel, it receives very little coating or surface finish. Aniline leather is known to adopt a ‘lived in’ look within a short time of use, and is part of its appeal. You may notice shading variation between panels as this is a very natural, untreated leather. The shading may even vary from the original colour swatch that you made your purchase from

Antique leather

These leathers have a two-tone effect, with the top colour being darker than the base colour. As the top colour wears off more of the lighter colour will show through. This will occur more frequently on the areas that get more use (e.g. seat cushions, arm rests and areas where the head meets the cushion).

Corrected grain leather

This is the most durable and suitable for heavier domestic use. The surface is fully pigmented to remove most imperfections before it is sealed. A decorative grain pattern is then impressed into the surface. As with all types of genuine leather, care should be taken to ensure it retains its appearance.

Hide/Hide match

This is an exciting new development allowing even greater value without compromising on quality. All seating and facing areas are tailored from corrected grain hide with side and rear panels tailored in leather look man-made fibre.

Bonded Hide

This is manufactured using leather fibre bonded with latex. Bonded upholstery leather is very durable and is more environmentally friendly than leather production.