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Looking after your new fabric sofa

You've chosen your new sofa and waited patiently for it to be handmade exactly to your requirements. It's finally arrived and you are thrilled with the wonderful engulfing squishiness. We know that you will want to look after your new furniture to keep it looking like new – so here’s some tips on how to keep it looking fresh and feeling soft and squidgy for years to come.

Settling in

Your new chair or sofa needs to settle in – a bit like a new member of the family. You will notice the seats and back will flatten a bit even if you’re a dedicated plumper. Its normal for this to happen – everything is brand new when it arrives, and the foam, springs, webbing and fibre has to settle into its new life with you and relax a bit in the warmth of your home.


Your cushions are made of a combinations of different foam and fibre fillings designed to make sure your squashy sofa feel as soft as a cloud or your springy sofa a bit more bouncy, depending on which one you chose. With all good cushions you need to plump them to get air back in. Although you don’t need to plump these as often as you would with feather, you still need to give them a good plumping at least weekly to keep them looking fat and squashy. And it’s not just scatter cushions, it’s the ones you sit on and lean back on too. The cushions will love you for it and serve you well for that bit of effort.

Favourite seats

We all have a favourite seat – its perfectly natural. But while your new sofa is still finding its feet, give it a fair chance of settling evenly by using all of the cushions at first, or swapping them round where you can. You never know, you might like the change of scenery – your sofa certainly will!


Vacuum your suite regularly on a low suction and with an upholstery attachment to keep it spick and span. If you spill anything, dab it gently and do not rub. Use an upholstery cleaner, never never use bleach or any harsh chemicals. If you’ve invested in our Stainguard protection, it will be much easier to clean any little mishaps off.


We may not be blessed with relentless sunshine in the UK but what bit we get can be strong enough to fade any fabric – so make sure your furniture is out of direct sunlight, or have blinds and curtains drawn on those long, hot summer days.