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Solid wood and veneers

Shade and texture variations will occur on solid wood and veneers as this is a natural product. This occurs particularly over the grain, sometimes leading to a coarse feel. This is a natural characteristic of wood and not a manufacturing defect.

Stain and lacquer coats are applied to seal the product. Solid wood and veneers will continue to age in your home and colours may mellow and change while reacting to local conditions, particularly temperature and sunlight.

Small tolerances (gaps) must be allowed between joints to compensate for the expansion and contraction of wood caused by the varying climatic conditions.

Texture and colour variations will occur, particularly over the grain.

To maintain the apperance of your furniture we recommend regular dusting with a soft cloth, it may be occasionally wiped down with a damp cloth, not a wet one, to remove any surface dirt. 

Always protect your furniture from heat sources and sharp objects with protective mats, do not place your furniture directly next to a heat or air conditioning unit or in direct sunlight. 

Man-made foils

A man-made foil is a specially treated paper with a photographic finish which gives an even colour and appearance. Laminated onto MDF board, this creates a hard wearing, easy-to-maintain surface ideal for modern day products.

High gloss products

These products are made with a highly polished polyurethane finish, usually laminated onto MDF or fibre board, and are particularly sensitive to heat. Care must be taken when cleaning to avoid scratching. In most cases a damp cloth is all that is required to maintain the appearance of your furniture.