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Wooden dining, bedroom or living room furniture can be perceived as some of the easiest types of furniture to buy. If it looks good and matches your interior designs then it’s a winner, right? But what about the other factors such as durability, maintenance, and lifespan. It’s no good buying cheap and cheerful furniture if it won’t last in a hectic home environment, and you often don’t want to be paying a fortune for something that rarely gets used.
The purpose of a piece of wooden furniture and the home in which it occupies should determine the type of furniture you choose, and is just as important as the design and overall aesthetic appeal. Solid wood is often what many furniture enthusiasts will strive for, and whilst generally superior in quality there are several alternatives which could be ideal for you with additional benefits such as lower cost. You’ll find everything you need to know about wooden furniture listed below, the different types of materials used and the benefits of each. Once you know the range of options available to you then you can be sure you’re buying the right furniture to suit you and your home.

Wood Furniture Buying Guide - AHF Furniture & Carpets

Solid Wood & Wood Veneer

Crafted using a mixture of solid wood and wood veneer panels. A veneer is a thin slice of wood that is cut from a log; the veneer is adhered to a base wood surface. Veneers help to keep weight and cost down while still showing the exceptional quality of the wood grain.

Kiln Dried Oak

The process removes any excess moisture from the oak, helping to prevent movement and shrinkage of the oak when in the home.

White Oil Lacquer Finish

Finishing refers to the process of protecting the wood. With an oil lacquer finish a soft transparent finish is given which provides decent protection against general wearing of the wood.

Wood Foil Finish

Crafted using a wood base with printed wood effect to create a high quality sheen. Foil finish does not require as much maintenance as solid wood and is generally more durable and affordable.

High Gloss Finish

Gloss is a contemporary finish often applied to bedroom furniture and has the versatility of being available in a wide variety of different colours. Often used as a way to add a splash bright colour to a room without needing to apply paint or wallpaper to your walls. A gloss surface is applied to man-made wooden panels, giving a high quality modern sheen at an affordable price.