Always measure up first for your furniture delivery...

It’s really important to make sure that the lovely sofa or bed that you’ve fallen in love with will actually fit into its new home!

This guide, compiled by the experienced Fabb Furniture warehouse and delivery teams, will help you when it comes to measuring up your space to ensure we deliver your dreamy furniture safely to the destination of your choice.

Step 1: Measurements

Jot down the dimensions of your chosen piece of large furniture – all our products have dimensions included.

i)   Width

ii)  Height

iii) Depth

Top tip: Use masking tape or markings to lay out the size of your sofa or bed, giving you an indication of whether it fits ok, and whether you’re happy with the placement or not.

Step 2: Getting up the stairs

If your piece of furniture needs to be transported to a different level, you’ll need to measure the width of the staircase at the narrowest point*. Also, remember to take into account any handrails or light fixtures before your furniture delivery is due.

*If you have a banister and your furniture needs to be lifted over, check that the distance between the banisters and the ceiling is greater than the depth of the furniture. Once at the top of the stairs, make sure there is enough room to manoeuvre your furniture into the right room.

measure your stairway

Step 3: Got a lift?

If your building has a useable lift, you will need to measure the open door height and width, plus the depth of the lift to make sure it will fit inside. If the dimensions of the lift are greater than those of your furniture, you’ll be fine to take delivery!

i)   Total lift width

ii)  Total lift height

iii) Total lift depth

Step 4: Navigating hallways and doors

We need to make sure your furniture can get into the room of your choice. Measure the width of any areas that your furniture must pass through at their narrowest points, such as hallways and doors. Don’t forget the additional obstacles, such as radiators and shelving etc.

i)   Narrowest doorway width

ii)  Narrowest hallway width

Top tip: Check whether the legs are removable from your furniture. Many of our models come with detachable legs/arms so that they are less bulky, easier to manoeuvre, helping to make your furniture delivery as smooth as possible.

Step 5: Ready to order?

If you’re ready to go ahead and order your Fabb Furniture, having made sure that your furniture will fit into your home, then you can order away with no worries. Just head on over to the product you want and order in whichever way suits you best.

How to buy?

You can buy in the following ways.

i) Online at, or

ii) Find your nearest Fabb store and pop in.

iii) Alternatively, you can call our friendly online sales team on 0800 254 0900.

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