Castalan Warranties

Our Castelan packages include 5 year protection for stains and accidental damage, giving you complete piece of mind. Castelan has skilled technicians who will visit your home to provide any repairs needed. Simply call the Castelan claim line any time, day or night and they will be there for assistance.

Fabric Protection

Before your fabric sofa is delivered, it will be sprayed with a Castelan Protector, which is a water based formula. It works by locking onto the fibres of the fabric to create an invisible, durable shield providing superb resistance to oil and water based spills. This means stains caused by drinks spills can easily be removed even when dried in.

Leather Protection

No spray is required on our leather sofas but rest assured as you are covered for 5 years for any accidental damage and stains on your leather furniture. we also offer leather care kits to assist in wiping your sofa clean for any accidental spills.

Making a claim is easy. Simply call Castelan on 0800 111 6768 or visit Castelan website to registered a claim click here

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Once Castelan protection has been purchased you will be be protected from the costs of repairing my furniture in the event of Accidental Damage and Accidental Staining spoiling its appearance; plus, the cost of repairing structural defects (where purchased) following the expiry of the retailer’s warranty.
  • It is specific insurance cover for the furniture purchased and is not a general maintenance product.
  • The cover protects your furniture for 5 years without being concerned about having to pay a claim excess, or incurring any affect on any no claims bonuses which you may have on other insurance policies e.g on a domestic contents insurance policy.
  • By purchasing Castelan you are agreeing to receiving an Insurance Product Information Document relating to the furniture care plan which has been explained to you. You have taken the time understand all the important insurance information. You have been made aware of the intention of this policy and also received and discussed a statement of my demands and needs and confirm that you require this insurance.