Top tips for a good night’s sleep

March is National Bed Month, and, as a leading bed retailer and a proud member of the National Bed Federation, we're focusing on your slumber, and offering our own Fabb top tips on how to get a good night's sleep.

Did you know:

- 36% of UK adults struggle to get to sleep on a weekly basis, and

Nearly half of the UK has trouble falling asleep at least once a month.

How's your sleep? Do you knock out enough ZZZs each night? The World Sleep Society says “just like eating well and exercising, sleep is a behaviour that is foundational to one’s physical, mental, and social well-being.” Despite this, sleep is not commonly considered by many of us as being essential for good health. 

Read our Fabb five top tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Form a routine

One of the best things to do to get a good night’s sleep is to set a routine for yourself. This helps with your body’s circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm is a physical, mental, and behavioural change within the body that follows a 24-hour period. Waking up, winding down, and going to bed at roughly the same time each day can really help the body settle, helping you fall asleep more easily.

Keep in mind though – a good sleep routine starts before you get into bed. Factor in enough time to wind down, taking a break from any tech. Blue light from phones and tablets is a big contributing factor to disturbed sleep, so minimising this type of exposure often works wonders for helping you get to sleep.

Watch what you eat and drink

This is perhaps the biggest thing we can all do to help with the quality of our sleep. In short, be mindful of what you are eating and drinking before bedtime.

Too much caffeine will have a negative impact on trying to get to sleep, keeping the brain hardwired and active. Similarly, too much nicotine or alcohol can have an adverse effect on sleep.

It’s also best to try avoiding eating lots of food just before bed. Going to bed on a full stomach can lead to indigestion, discomfort and a disturbed night. Giving your body time to digest and process your food can help the quality of your sleep enormously.

Factor in some daily exercise

Although doing lots of strenuous activity before bedtime can have an adverse effect, including some exercise in your daily routine can help promote great sleep.

Keeping the body active, and getting fresh air, has so many benefits helping us to stay fit and healthy. And this also has a positive effect on the quality of our sleep.

Some studies have found adults who exercise routinely can nearly halve the time it takes to fall asleep, whilst also benefitting from over 40 minutes of bonus shut-eye. And who doesn’t want to bag that extra bit of sleep?

Focus on your bedroom

There are so many things you can do to improve your performance in the bedroom (that's sleep performance we're talking about!).

Having the right mattress and pillow setup can work wonders for sleep, creating a comfortable and sleep-inducing environment. Fabb Furniture has plenty of mattresses and pillows to choose from to help you achieve the ultimate in comfort.

Comfort is such an important factor to consider: the more important we are, the easier we find it to relax, unwind and, eventually, nod off. However, mattresses and pillows are just the starting point.

Scientists recommend the bedroom be a cool, dark environment. It’s true – how many times have you felt cosy under your quilt on a cold, wintery night rather than the uncomfortable hot nights during the height of summer? Cooler conditions promote a better sleep.

Avoiding light exposure will also be greatly beneficial, as it can affect the circadian rhythm. If you’re finding it hard to avoid light (such as if there’s a streetlight outside your room), try changing your curtains or blinds to blackout lined so they block any outside light. A cheaper alternative could be to try out a sleep mask.

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Limit your napping

This one will probably be harder to achieve for those who enjoy a good 40 winks. However, the reality is napping can interfere with any kind of sleep schedule and the later in the day you nap, the harder it can be to sleep at night.

Whilst this tip might not be suitable for everyone (for instance those who work nights), it’s generally recommended to nap for a maximum of an hour.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Fabb top tips list for a good night’s sleep. If you’ve got any other tips to share, please get in touch at – we’d love to hear from you.

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