From mucky pups to pampered pooches, and all the cats, kittens, rabbits, hamsters and budgies in between, nobody can deny that in the UK we’re certainly a nation of pet lovers. But clean and tidy homes and happy pets sometimes don’t go hand in hand.

Ever felt the terror of watching your cute and cuddly pup cocking his leg up for the first time on the corner of your brand new sofa? Or watched in horror as the cat disappears behind the sofa to leave a nice steaming parcel on your freshly cleaned carpet? The stains might last a while, but the emotional scars could last forever.

Fortunately, there are techniques you can use and products you can spray to keep your adorable furry friends safely off your furniture…

Keep them happy and entertained

Dogs chew when they’re stressed, bored and anxious so it’s important to make sure that your dog is walked regularly. Give them a place they can call their own. Whether it’s a doggie bed in the corner of the room, a rug next to the TV, or a cushion under the stairs - dogs need some form of territory and a place they can relax.This will ensure they feel safe and at home in your home!

Kick the cat’s habit

It's widely known that dogs have owners and cats have staff, so they’re a little tougher to keep in check! Any cat owner will tell you that their beloved kitty comes and goes as she pleases. But if you don’t want her to come and go on the back of your sofa, there are a number of natural repellents on the market that won’t damage any soft furnishings, but will ensure that your furry feline doesn’t use the dining room table as a scratching post! These sprays don’t damage anything; they just produce a smell your pet won’t care for.

Choose the right furniture

In the battle to keep your home tidy and odour-free, considering a new suite that fits in with your lifestyle may be the best decision you’ve ever made. Many pet owners find that a heavily durable leather sofa is the best option to prolong the life of their soft furnishings.Treated properly, leather furniture is wipe-clean and withstands all manner of scratches and scuffs. A top-quality piece from Fabb not only comes with a lifetime guarantee, it will also make your home look show ready every day.

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