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Indulge yourself in pure luxury with one of our stylish recliner sofas. Adjust your seat to the perfect position with either a manual or electric recliner option and enjoy taking in a different angle on life. And if you want your laid-back status to deliver the ultimate in relaxation, you can opt for additional features such as powered headrests, wireless USB charging points, cup holders and more. Whatever your style, Fabb recliner sofas are available in both contemporary and classic designs with a choice of leather or fabric upholstery.
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From £47.17 a month for 3 years | 0% deposit

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Height Width Depth
79cm 170cm 107cm

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From £36.06 a month for 3 years | 0% deposit

Subject to affordability, age and status, minimum spend applies
Delivery from est. 12 Weeks

Height Width Depth
94cm 157cm 99cm

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From £41.61 a month for 3 years | 0% deposit

Subject to affordability, age and status, minimum spend applies
Delivery from est. 12 Weeks

Height Width Depth
107cm 165cm 97cm

Recliner sofa features to indulge in luxurious relaxation

Whether you’re looking for high backs, low backs, single or double recliners, corners or standard recliner sofas, Fabb Furniture has an extensive range to choose from - all designed for lounging in the ultimate luxury.

You might think that investing in a recliner sofa will bust your budget, however, the recliner sofa market has developed hugely in the past decade: no longer are recliner sofas huge, lumpy pieces of furniture that cost the earth to buy. There have been many developments in recliner technology, that have allowed these sofas to be scaled down in size and price while also upscaling in functionality.

Fabb’s handpicked range of recliners are chosen especially for their style and value for money; many of our recliners check out at the same price as a static sofa.

All Fabb recliner sofas are built to last and come with first class design and build quality, including:

  • Pocket sprung seats – for durability and consistent support throughout the life of your sofa
  • Back springs – for additional back support and durability
  • High grade foam – provides extra comfort and support
  • Ergonomic design – carefully crafted to deliver the ultimate in comfort for long periods of relaxation
  • USB charging points – easily accessible USB charging points, so you don’t have to move from your comfy place to power up your portables

What are the different types of recliner sofas?

If you’re considering a recliner sofa as your next furniture choice, it’s worth considering all variations to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Take a look at the options…

Power electric recliner sofas

Power electric recliners have a built-in motor which provides controlled and gentle movements, limiting the potential for wear and tear. Models come with either a single or dual motor which moves the adjustable parts of the sofa using a button (usually sited on the side of the sofa within easy reach). In order to maintain your power recliner and optimise its longevity, it is important to regularly clean it and keep it dust free. At least once a year, the electrical and motor components should be inspected.
Browse our power electric recliner sofas.

Power electric recliner sofas with headrests

Power electric recliners with powered headrests work in exactly the same way as our power electric recliners with an additional motor that works independently to move your headrest to the perfect position at the touch of a button. Electric recliner sofas with dual motors are more adjustable, as you can move your seat and footrest independently, meaning it’s easier to find the perfect position. However, power recliners are heavier to move around because of the weight of the motor(s).
Browse our power electric recliner sofas with headrest.

Manual recliner sofas

Manual recliner sofas require the user to move a lever or put pressure on a part of the sofa in order to push them into a reclining position and, again, to resume an upright seat. Manual recliners often have much less maneuverability than their powered counterparts, and generally you will be only able to choose from a reclined and a non-reclined position. One advantage of manual recliner sofas is that they do not have the weight of a motor within them, so are much easier and lighter to move around.
Browse our manual recliner sofas.

How does a recliner sofa work?

Recliner sofas allow you to recline the back support and, often at the same time, higher the footrest, leaving you in a fully reclined and supported position. Some power recliners offer a powered headrest option, giving another variant to adjust so you can move your seat for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Recliner sofa sizes and measuring your space

Whatever type of sofa you are buying, it’s always important to measure the space that you are going to fill and make sure that you choose the right size furniture for your room. A tiny sofa in an enormous room won’t have the same impact as one that is correctly proportioned to its surroundings.

2 seater recliner sofas

2 seater recliner sofas are great if you’ve got a limited amount of space. Enjoy the luxury of stretching out without taking up too much space. You can choose between luxury soft velvet or leather finishes.

3 seater recliner sofas

3 seater recliner sofas are great if you want a little more space to spread out, or maybe you have another family member with two or four legs that might want to come and chill with you. Choose from electric recliner sofa or a manual recliner.

Recliner corner sofas

Recliner corner sofas are absolutely brilliant for large families. Movie nights just got better with a recliner corner; it’s time for everyone to pile onto the sofa and, if you’re really lucky, you might get be able to bag one of the prime recliner spots!

For more help and advice, check out our guide to how to check if your furniture will fit.

Customise your recliner sofa material and colour

Our selection of sofa recliners come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Whether you’re looking for a neutral piece or something more vivid, browse our collections of electric and manual sofa recliners and find your perfect fit. With both leather and fabric options, you can choose a luxury velvet, a hardwearing weave or a luscious leather finish.
Shop fabric recliners
Shop leather recliners

As well as comfort and luxury, why not treat yourself to a recliner with wireless charging points at your fingertip. It’s the ultimate in relaxation. Whatever space you’re looking to fill, you can choose between a traditional style recliner sofa with its chunkier padding, low level front and plump arms, or you can opt for contemporary styling with modular looking pieces or longer legs. And if you’re keen to recreate the look of a professionally designed room, why not take a look at our living room furniture to complete the look. Shop living room furniture

Buying a recliner sofa, or any piece of furniture, is an important purchase, so it’s always worth making sure you know how to look after it correctly to get the best out of the piece for as long as possible.
Read our Fabb Care Guide to find out all you need to know about keeping your Fabb furniture in tip top condition.

Sit back and relax with interest-free credit and a lifetime guarantee

Investing in your dream furniture couldn’t be easier than when you’re buying with Fabb. We offer some of the best finance deals in the industry, with up to 5 years interest free credit available. Check out our finance terms

Fabb Furniture offers a free lifetime peace of mind policy on all furniture purchases made in store and online (excluding outdoor furniture).
This guarantee begins from the date of delivery and will cover you for the period of time you have the furniture, or for 21 years, whichever expires first. Check out our Ts & Cs

If you are keen to get more questions answered, you can talk to one of our friendly sales advisors on 0800 2540 900 or email online@fabbfurniture.com
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